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Making GIFS: The Spoony Way


Many of you have asked me how I make my gifs. At first, I would answer each question with a fairly detailed recap of what I do, but I tend to ramble, and my response turns into a giant block of text that no one wants to read anyway. And then I would get tired of typing it all up every single time, so I would simply answer “I make my gifs in Photoshop.” But then people would be like “HOW??!!11one” and I would shrivel up a little because that meant I had to explain everything again.

So, in order to avoid all of that, I decided to make a tutorial. WITH VISUALS. Everybody loves visuals! Keep in mind, this is just one way to make gifs. There are plenty of other techniques out there. If my tutorial doesn’t help, I suggest going to Google for some advice. Google is always handy.

Things you will need:

  • Photoshop CS4
  • KMPlayer (only available for PC, as far as I know - a Mac alternative is mentioned below)

That link takes you to a place where you can download KMPlayer for free. As for Photoshop, either buy it, get a copy of it from a friend, or find a torrent and be a pirate (arrrgh!).

The actual making of the gifs is done in Photoshop CS4, but all the stuff before that is done in KMPlayer. KMP is a nifty media player that allows you to take continuous screencaps of any piece of video, which is what you need to make your gif. VLC media player also has this feature (and is available for Macs), but I prefer KMP. It’s more awesome. Trust me.

And now, on to the actual tutorial, which will be placed under a cut due to the large amount of screencaps, and my ramblings. Warning: it is long.

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Having seen this movie !Amazing!RIO!
I like the BLUE so much,especially acted by Jesse!

Having seen this movie !Amazing!RIO!

I like the BLUE so much,especially acted by Jesse!